Workplace Flu Vaccinations Melbourne - How To Coordinate a Program

Workplace Flu Vaccinations Melbourne – How To Coordinate a Program

By Paul Woods
In December 13, 2021
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On-site workplace flu vaccinations Melbourne are a wonderful initiative for employee health, but they’re also quite a hard task to properly coordinate. That’s why we’ve put together this checklist to help you set up an effective and smooth flowing program for workplace flu vaccinations Melbourne.

Find Out In Advance Who Intends On Getting One

The first thing you’re going to want to do is work out in advance who actually intends on participating in your company program for workplace flu vaccinations Melbourne. Because this particular jab isn’t mandatory, you’re unlikely to get a 100% uptake of your program (unless your business is one that mandates participation) so by finding out in advance, you can save time, money and effort by planning ahead with this information.

Give Plenty Of Notice

Workplace flu vaccinations Melbourne

People have lives outside of work and society as a whole is busier than we’ve ever been in history. If you want good uptake of your program of workplace flu vaccinations Melbourne then it is a good idea to provide employees with plenty of notice. This allows them time to work it into their schedule outside of their employment with your company and prepare for any side effects that they know they are prone to experiencing from receiving an influenza jab.

Have Someone Available To Assist With Adverse Reactions

Like anything we put into our bodies, there is a possibility that some workers may have an adverse reaction during their participation in your company’s program for workplace flu vaccinations Melbourne. By assuring employees that there is someone available to assist in the case of this, you may increase participation levels as those who were hesitant to have their jab outside of a doctor’s office or professional medical setting will feel more comfortable knowing that there are additional staff available to tend to their needs.

Schedule Jabs For Later In Day

By scheduling your program for workplace flu vaccinations Melbourne later in the day, you can help ensure that there is minimal disruption to your employees’ work day. Even those who only suffer the standard, minor side effects that come with an influenza jab will experience decreased productivity following injection so having the program run towards the end of business hours allows them to complete any urgent work for the day and put measures in place to minimise disruption if they do feel too sick to continue their tasks for the day.

Offer The Following Day Off If Needed

You should also offer the following day off for any staff who may need it if you want maximum uptake of your program for workplace flu vaccinations Melbourne. Although side effects are usually limited to feeling a bit yuck, many may be put off by this if they feel that they still need to work at maximum capacity while feeling less than great. By allowing time off if required, you demonstrate to staff that you care about their well-being and provide incentive to participate as they know they won’t be punished for experiencing side effects.

Don’t Expect 100%

Finally, it is important that you don’t set up your program for workplace flu vaccinations Melbourne expecting that every one of your employees will participate as this will simply set you up for disappointment. Some employees may choose to forgo a jab and even if your company mandates that staff receive one, there will still be members of your team who will prefer to have the procedure done at their regular GP’s office.

Organising anything isn’t easy, but a program for workplace flu vaccinations Melbourne provides its own unique challenges, hopefully this guide helps.

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