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Why You Should Consider Commercial Solar

By Paul Woods
In November 14, 2020
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Big companies and consumers of electricity such as shopping centres, manufacturing warehouses, restaurants and healthcare facilities should consider investing in commercial solar systems over 500kW. Commercial solar systems designed for large-scale operations can be a great investment as they can represent significant energy savings every month for big businesses. Installing commercial solar requires a lot of experience and skill to properly implement however so it’s very important to work with a professional company that has experience with installing large scale systems. Commercial solar systems for large consumers of electricity can sometime call for more than a thousand panels are a highly complex, which means they require skilled engineering and construction. If you’re planning to install a system then it’s imperative that you speak to an experience installation company and find out how feasible your install is to ensure that you get the best outcome.


When should you consider commercial solar?

If your business is spending a lot per month on electricity (In the realm of $30,000) then it is a good idea to install a system as it could mean huge energy savings and cost savings for your business. In order to get a good idea of the specific benefits you should speak to a consultant, who can analyse your business and individual circumstances and speak to you about the potential benefits and what it would likely mean for your business in terms of cost savings. Most businesses will install commercial solar for the reasons outlined below:


Energy cost reductions

Large energy consumers will see high electricity costs every year. Big organisations often get good tariffs on their electricity but it still tens to be a huge operational cost for most businesses. A commercial solar system on the other hand can generate more than 800,000kWh which can add up too well over $100,000 in costs savings for your business. The cost reductions from commercial solar can improve your business’s profitability as you can invest the savings you make into other core business functions or operational areas. The cost of installing a system can be a significant upfront investment but it will quickly pay for itself.


Large scale generation certificate revenue

Large systems over 100kW can receive large-scale generation certificates for the electricity that they create. The large-scale generations certificate scheme is part of the renewable targets which will run until 2030. The scheme can provide up to $600,000 of additional revenue for the scheme.


Risk mitigation

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While large scale consumers of electricity often have contracts in place with their electricity companies, energy prices regularly increase and can impact on the profitability of a business and operational costs. Increases in the price of power can be risky for businesses and even just a small increase can make a serious dent in the profitability of your business. Installing a system gives businesses much for certainty and control over their energy costs.


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Sustainable energy solutions can have a serious marketing benefit for businesses as it can help organisations to show that they are taking corporate social responsibility seriously. Sustainable energy is not just good for a company’s bottom line but also shows that companies are doing their part in trying to limit their impact on the environment.


If your business is considering installing a large scale system, make sure you speak to an expert consultant as they will be able to assess whether or not it is feasible for your business and discuss costs and other considerations with you. It is a great alternative and a huge cost saver for large scale organisations.


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