Investor Advice With Cabins on the South Coast

Investor Advice With Cabins on the South Coast

By Paul Woods
In January 3, 2022
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Investors who are looking to make a splash with cabins on the South Coast will have their own objectives in mind with these projects. From a rental property that turns over good business to a holiday spot for families to a full-time residency, these placements offer buyers a lot of scope for growth.

With this being said, there are particular approaches that have proven to achieve dividends in this market, passing over advice to individuals, couples and groups that want to make the most of their expenditure. We will outline some strategies that work in this environment and detail which techniques are best for these exciting ventures.

Identify Suitable South Coast Location

Participants don’t want to opt for cabins on the South Coast that are too remote from civilisation. Even though it is beneficial to escape the hustle and bustle of city living, there needs to be connections with emergency services and stores to avoid complications. Survey the suburbs from Wollongong and Kiama to Shellharbour, Bega, Nowra, Jervis Bay, Mollymook, Batemans Bay and Merimbula amongst other areas.

Consult With Conveyancers, Agents & Industry Specialists

Cabins on the South Coast

One of the most effective techniques that members can use with investing in cabins on the South Coast will be discussions with conveyancers and real estate agents. Even though their portfolio is often involved with single and double family homes, they will have unique listings and insights into what is viable given the client’s desires. By talking with them, it is easy to establish what the market is offering, where open land is to develop and where existing premises preside for potential purchase.

Assess Existing Infrastructure

Investors might be left exposed with cabins on the South Coast if they select a domain that is deteriorating and struggling to maintain its infrastructure quality. From the sewage system to connections to the power grid, the integrity of the walls and the ventilation amongst other considerations, it can take time to have a contractor out on site to oversee the repairs and maintenance services.

Consider Buying/Borrowing Power

What always helps community members who are investing in cabins on the South Coast is to understand what their budget happens to be. Listings in this area of the state can be acquired at fairly cheap prices for basic land acquisition, yet there will also be deluxe offerings in the same market for established premises depending on the location. Deal with banks and lenders to ascertain what the lending/buying power is and where the right financial fit happens to be.

Focus on Security Parameters

Security parameters are not an area of focus initially with cabins on the South Coast, but there is no question that they have to be assessed in detail before homeowners feel safe and secure. From padlocks and keys to passcodes, strong doors, blinds, mobile notifications and beyond, there are utilities that can be put in place without paying much cost to have that peace of mind. Break-ins can occur from time to time in these remote locations, so it is paramount that extra measures are taken.

Remember: Simple is Best

It is very easy for members who are buying on the South Coast to seek out the luxurious listings with all of the bells and whistles included. However, it is important to recognise that simple cabin placements are often the best. They pave the way for future development and expansion without throwing a range of issues to buyers who may struggle with accessing contractor assistance in quick time.


Investing in cabins on the South Coast is an exciting venture for singles, couples and groups of all backgrounds. This area of the state is rich with sights, sounds and delights that will be worth every penny for generations to come. The key for people in this context is to be wise with their money and ensure that they follow through on all of the relevant checks and balances before progressing with the deal.

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