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In The Market For A Smoking Pipe?

By Paul Woods
In October 26, 2021
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Whether it is for your own leisure or some fun with friends, smoking pipes are gaining again in popularity. Here’s a look at some of the many varieties that are on the market.

The Apple Pipe- One of the more common tobacco smoking pipes. Easily recognizable and so named because of its distinct apple shaped bowl. The traditional Apple pipe comes with a straight stem but there are also many variants on this design.

  • The Author is a slightly chunkier version of the Apple and comes with a slightly curved stem.
  • The Tomato is a slightly larger bowl with a saddle curved stem.
  • The Egg has a large upright egg ellipse-shaped bowl with a high curved stem.
  • The Hawkbill is a squat version of the apple with an exaggerated curve on the stem.
  • The Prince is named after Prince Edward VII and is a squat bowled long-stemmed pipe.
  • The Squat Tomato as the name would indicate is a low-profile pipe with the appearance of a compressed version of the Tomato pipe.

The Billiard Pipe- One of the most recognisible smoking pipes on the market. It is generally a straight pipe with a straight stem and a shank that is equal to the bowl height. Whilst this is its traditional shape, there are also a small selection of varieties on the market.

  • The Nose Warmer or Stubby is the pocket version of the billiard pipe.
  • The Pot consists of a short, small bowl for a short, quick smoking session.
  • The Hungarian has a large, tall bowl and the stem is totally bent to give that classic hang from the mouth look.

The Calabash Pipe- This is the pipe you think of when you picture fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. It has a large, intricate designed conical bowl which is horn flared at the top and both the shape and the stem have an overstated and distinct curve.

The Freehand Pipe- This is an artisan pipe made by a designer, and whilst they are unique and you will rarely find two the same, they do follow some basic principles in shape, structure, and size.

  • The Fleur is easily recognized by its unfinished top on the bowl.
  • The Pick Axe is, as the name suggests a short angular pipe in the shape of a pick axe.
  • The Blowfish is an asymmetrical ball design pipe that is built to best highlight the eye and grain of the timber.

These are just some of the more common smoking pipe shapes and designs.

Man holding a smoking pipe

Here is a look at the more common smoking pipe materials.

Briar pipe- This is the most popular material for making smoking pipes and is obtained from the root burl of the Mediterranean Heather. It is fire resistant and has natural moisture retention properties making it the ideal smoking pipe material.

Clay Pipes- These have been around since the 16th century and were the primary pipes used up until the invention of the Briar pipe. Whilst ornamentally they look very neat, they are difficult to smoke and become very hot to the touch.

Corncob Pipe- As the name suggests, are made from the hollowing out of corn cob. They are economical and whilst often considered rather crude, they provide a cool and smooth smoking experience.

This is just a brief summary of some of the more popular smoking pipes and the different shapes, designs, styles and materials that are on the market. Consider some of these options if you are shopping for a smoking pipe.

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