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How You Can Use A Hi Vis Jumper To Brand Your Company

By Paul Woods
In May 26, 2022
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You wouldn’t necessarily expect a hi vis jumper to be an opportunity to brand a company, after all they’re simply a protective measure, right? Wrong. There are a number of ways you can showcase a brand using the equipment on a worksite, and it works more than you may think. 

It sounds a little superfluous, but there is a correlation with brand awareness and creative uses of the branding itself in unique places like on a hi vis jumper, on working equipment, even on the scaffolding itself. This is especially beneficial for fledgling or newcomer businesses in the construction space that are looking for more brand awareness and eyes on their business for future prospects. 

So, let’s have a look at a few of the ways that a hi vis jumper can be more than just standard protective equipment. 

Safety First

While it is tempting to have an affordable and stylish ensemble design for hi vis jumper, the safety precautionary measures and utilities have to be maintained. After all, a hi vis jumper is not just a fashionable item, it serves an inherent purpose toward the safety of the users and for the entire worksite in question. 

For instance, not many people are aware of the strict regulations that exist for uniforms on worksites, and there are quite a number of them that cover everything from wet-weather resistance, to flame retardant properties. In the case of visibility, there are two standards that are relevant for the visibility index. 

AS/NZS 4602.1:2011

This standard is in reference to a garment that is suited for high-risk situations and applications. This infers workers that are exposed to hazardous situations involving things like traffic, moving equipment, or other situations that require visibility of workers to be heightened. There are several classes of garment that are suited to this standard including Class D, N, and D/N. 

AS/NZS 1906.4:2010

Correlated with the previous standard for a hi vis jumper or any reflective garment. This standard refers to the applicable materials that comprise standard-approved garments and the minimal luminance factors of the garments with respects to the retroreflective and fluorescent colour used for the garment. Natural materials and fibers do not have a naturally high chromaticity level which should be considered when purchasing high visibility material garments for worksites. 

Professionally Printed Hi Vis Jumper Options

As you can now see, even a hi vis jumper has to adhere to a range of strict standards and regulations for use on a worksite. So, bearing this in mind when shopping around for the garments and printing purveyors is essential. 

Ensuring that the branding you choose to have on your hi vis jumper is not impeding on the safety regulatory requirements will do you well in ensuring prominent safety is adhered to while still offering a branding opportunity for your business. 

Some choose to print across the back of the garment, while others will go for a riskier but ultimately more memorable different shade of fluorescent colouring on the garment to elicit a sense of difference and branding uniqueness. 

There you have it. These are just so of the things that you need to know on how you can use a Hi Vis Jumper to brand your company.

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