How to choose the best corporate removals

How to choose the best corporate removals

By Paul Woods
In January 14, 2022
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Office relocations can be overwhelming and particularly daunting. However, if you have the right corporate removals company (also known as corporate removalists) handling your office relocation, moving won’t be much of a challenge. Having found the best location befitting for your company, the next big question is how to pack and remove the items and, of course, how to choose the best company for the job.

Regarding the former, most employers or business owners may be tempted to engage their employees in packing and moving office items. However, the disadvantages of using employees for packing far outweigh the advantages — and it will be best to shove that idea aside. Why?

Corporate removals: why you shouldn’t use your staff for packing and moving

As we mentioned earlier, the cons of using employees for packing office items outweigh the perceived benefit. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Less output

Using staff for corporate removals takes away time from valuable work hours of your staff. How? Suppose you want to relocate your business or office to a new location and you decide to use your staff for the job.

The chances are that they can no longer go about their official duties as they ought to. They will spend much of their working hours boxing items and planning what goes where. As such, resulting in less productivity and a decrease in output.

  • Unproductivity and fatigue

As you can imagine, moving office items like furniture and equipment is no easy task. It drains your staff’s energy and leaves them exhausted from packing, lifting, and moving. What that translates to is a no-brainer — stress and fatigue. As a business owner or manager, you should already have an idea of what that means for your business. Your staff may not perform optimally for the next couple of days, which is definitely not good news.

  • Liability

Corporate removals

Having your employees move office items exposes you to potential litigations from injured staff. There is more to corporate removals than meets the eyes. While office relocations often come with excitements, things can equally go sideways in a twinkle of an eye.

There is the risk of heavy objects dropping on workers or staff getting their fingers caught in office machines. Another possible hazard is slip and falls — which often result in injuries or musculoskeletal issues. When such accidents happen, it’s almost impossible not to get caught in court cases — and you know how things will play out if the judgment is passed against you.

Now, these are the top reasons why you should always hire a professional corporate removals company or corporate removalists for your office relocation. Having cleared that from our plate, let’s touch on the factors to consider while choosing the best company for corporate removals.

How to choose corporate removalists

  • Check what people are saying about the removalist company

You can do this by looking up their reviews online or asking other companies that have used their services.

  • What is their level of experience?

Thanks to advancements in technology and the internet, you don’t have to rely wholly on what they tell you. Take time to research their experience and track records. Every professional company should have a website to showcase their scope of business and competence.

All you have to do is dash to their “about us” page and scout for the information you need. That way, you can size them up and make an informed decision.

Other important factors to look out for include;

  • Their insurance policies
  • License
  • Work flexibility, and of course,
  • The cost of the corporate removal services.

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