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How Technology Is Changing The Supply Chain Game

By Paul Woods
In September 26, 2021
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A modern supply chain can be so large and intricate that they span the globe. They have to be planned and executed with precision, because supply chain problems can wreak havoc on a company’s bottom line if not addressed and understood.

A supply chain is a series of steps from raw materials to a finished product for sale or use by consumers. It includes everything required to make inventory available and ensure its timely delivery through distribution channels such as stores and online sales sites like Amazon or eBay.

As time has gone on and customer demands reach new levels of scrutiny, the pressures that lay on these systems are immense and can be catastrophic if not tended to and assured of efficacy.

What Makes Effective Supply Chain Management?

There’s a lot of factors that contribute to an effective and reliable supply chain, communication being one of the most important aspects. Without a communications channel between all facets of the business, there is very little hope that consistent efficiency will be sustainable.

With the worldwide marketplace being the norm, there can never be a singular entity controlling all steps of the supply chain process, the integration of reliable and efficient logistics, delivery, and manufacturers are essential ingredients to keeping the machine going.

Additional Solutions For Efficacy

Supply chain management software, analytics, and visibility tools are a few of the more important solutions and means of enhancing and maintaining a worldwide channel of communication and analysis. While trustworthy suppliers and noble companies scattered throughout the process are important, the following solutions are intrinsically vital as time goes on and the networks continue to expand and become more nuanced.

Management Software

Having access to this software allows for more efficient management overall. With the ability to track and plan orders, automating tasks is made possible with this software. The latest examples of management software offer unparalleled levels of customisation and versatility.

This level of customisation is necessary when considering the various facets that contribute to a supply chain, and the micro manageable issues that may arise and require dealing with.

Analytics Software & Visibility Tools

Having an insight on how channels are operating can be instrumental in identifying problem areas that may not have been addressed before due to a lack of data or visibility into certain aspects of supply chain management. Analytics software allows a consistent breakdown of useful and relevant data which in turn instigates a more cohesive experience for each cog in the supply chain.

Being able to access data in real time is a huge advantage because the speed at which resource issues are identified and can be resolved increases exponentially. A lot of companies are missing opportunities to optimise their business models for peak efficiency because they don’t have access to regular or real-time data.

How Technology Is Helping

Technology has a large role to play in terms of supply chain management. It has come a long way since they were first created. The availability of data that was once not accessible to managers due to the cost of complexity is now readily available through a variety of sources including, data from sensors on every object in transit and electronic records of shipments and tracking capability.

All these pieces contribute to more reliable and educated management by giving visibility into where there are issues with production processes. This reduces costs as well as time delays in distribution. In addition, this information can be shared across multiple channels or other organisations such that they too have access to it without any limitations.

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