Five Ways To Market Your British Sweet Shop

Five Ways To Market Your British Sweet Shop

By Paul Woods
In July 21, 2022
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Promoting a small business is hard at the best of times, especially if you’ve got a niche company such as a British sweet shop. With the economy as uncertain as it is at the moment, however, things become even more complicated. That’s why we’ve put together this list of marketing tips to promote your British sweet shop so you can find new ways to bring in customers.

Contribute To Swag Bags

The great thing about owning a British sweet shop is that there’s a strong possibility that you have something for pretty much anyone. Consider showcasing your offerings by contributing to swag bags (those little promotional bags with free stuff that they hand out at larger events). This helps boost the exposure of your British sweet shop for a relatively low price if you send single serve items and can also be beneficial in terms of networking and business partnerships.

Have A Tasting Event

Got some delicious candy in your store that a lot of people in your area wouldn’t have tried before? Put on a tasting event within your British sweet shop and let them all see what they’ve been missing out on. Offering discounts for purchases on the night will help boost sales and if you’re offering more than just treats (drinks, canapes, etc.) you can consider charging for tickets if you feel this will be well received.

Have A Stall At Local Markets

If you don’t make a habit of being open on weekends and evenings, there’s a strong possibility that many people within your target demographic have never seen the inside of your store. While we understand the need for work life balance and would never suggest taking on more opening hours than you can handle, having a stall at any local markets could be a great way to get extra exposure without having to commit to always being open.

Team Up With Other Small Businesses

British sweet shop

Another great way to promote your British sweet shop is to team up with other local small businesses. This will allow you to stock your treats in their stores, therefore gaining exposure to their customers while also boosting sales within your own store by showcasing the talent of other local business owners. You could also consider selling hampers at all locations where businesses have contributed if you’re looking to bring some products in your British sweet shop into a higher price point and/or focus on the gifting category.

Create An Online Store Front

Finally, in today’s day and age, if you don’t have an online presence, you really need to play catch up. Having an online store front allows you to reach a much wider area than you would otherwise be able to but that isn’t the only benefit. Even when people are looking for things in their local area, the first port of call these days is always a search engine so if you haven’t got a digital presence, you may as well not exist. We also suggest creating social accounts and actively engaging with your audience if you want to get the best results possible. You can even run specials specifically for those who follow you on social media and have competitions where you have customers tag friends or share a review on their purchases to help create more content and spread the word about your store. User experience is key so if you’re not confident creating your own website for your British sweet shop we strongly suggest engaging a professional to do this for you.

Marketing your store and growing your brand can be tough, but by implementing these suggestions, you’ll be able to get your British sweet shop out there and grow your customer base while possibly even expanding into new markets – good luck and enjoy!

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