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Date Stamps: Functionality and Efficiency Sealed

By Paul Woods
In February 24, 2021
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The 3 Benefits For Having The Day on Your Side

It may seem obvious, but date stamps are an integral part of keeping your office organised, official and working diligently with less complications. The incessant need for uniformity when it comes to matters of important filing and documentation may seem easy in this day and age with the marvels of digitising content, however, there is still much to be said regarding the importance of having good quality date stamps at your disposal, whether it be for your home or business, the usefulness is unparalleled.

Today we will explore a few of the reasons that date stamps are still an integral part of your office arsenal.

1.   A Mark Of Approval

There is no substitute for the authentic-sounding click that stems of pressing down freshly-inked date stamps on an official document. A lot of businesses are known to purchase generic or off-brand substitutes that leave a lot to be desired in terms of usability and quality.

As far back as 4000BC there is evidence that a wax-pressed seal of approval signified any document with purpose and officiality. These wax seals to modern ink, good date stamps are the new marks of authorisation, printing the air of officiality and quality on any document that needs to look distinguished and serious.

2.   Prioritise Your Day

Having date stamps at your disposal not only contributes to a professional look, sound and feel for your home or business, but cuts out the often horrendous and arduous task that few take into consideration when opting to skip out on purchasing them. Many businesses and individuals require a paper trail, a record of documentation that is closely associated with days, months, and years.

Documents that are necessary for legally binding situations often live or die by the date stamps in the corner. The often-painstaking task of ensuring a uniformity across the board for ease of reading and access is already daunting, let alone the act of physically marking each and every page that’s required to showcase the day. This is where the utility shines, taking precious seconds of your day with each page, add them all up and you have an impressive array of time to focus on your true priorities, simplicity at its finest.

3.   Customised Professionalism

Date stamps have an undeniable professional seal that we’ve established thus far. Furthermore, companies take advantage of looking a cut above the competition and adjust date stamps to suit their own ends, from company logos, specific functions to size and colour. This not only adds a personal touch to every page but develops a brand that utilises the characteristics of quality and individuality which turns heads of those who matter.

We’ve gone from wax seals made of bone and rock to rubber and ink devised of sleek metal throughout the years. While the materials may change as time goes forward, the importance and undeniable benefits of date stamps will always be present.

I’ll leave you with a thought, say you had a set of documents that are required for a legal hearing, the times and days are vital for the survival of the case, yet the files cannot be found. After searching everywhere, you realise the files are on another computer or been accidentally deleted, lo and behold, in your file cabinet rests the printed copies with trusty date stamps on every page. While there are always arguments surrounding the use of physical over digital, the fact remains as it always has and always will, physical is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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