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CBD Oil Versus Tincture

By Paul Woods
In September 24, 2021
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Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, has become more and more popular in recent times. Used for both medicinal and recreational purposes, CBD oil offers therapeutic and stress relieving benefits that appeals to many.

If you’ve done your research on CBD oil, you may have seen information regarding CBD tinctures. Though they may seem similar at first glance, there are a few key differences you’ll want to know before using either.


CBD oil consists of a blend of CBD and other ingredients. Typically, it is blended with an inert carrier oil that functions as the base, providing an oil substance that helps the CBD be absorbed once taken. Popular inert carrier oils include hemp oil, or medium-chain triglyceride coconut oil. CBD oil may also contain the original terpenes from the cannabis plant, which are plant aromatics.

Depending on the brand of CBD oil you purchase, it may also be flavored with some essential oils. Various CBD oil products range in the concentration of CBD included – the higher the concentration, the more strongly you will feel the effects of the oil. When you go through with your CBD oil buy, you’ll want to check to see how concentrated the oil is to know what to expect when taking it.

CBD Tinctures

Separate from CBD oil, a CBD tincture is alcohol-based. It contains high-proof alcohol that helps to extract the natural cannabidiol compounds. It typically contains between 60-70% alcohol, resulting in a more bitter taste.

Given their not-so-pleasant taste, CBD tinctures are often flavored with some sweetener or other flavoring to combat the bitterness. They may also contain other additives, like vitamins and minerals, to add to the overall effects of the product. When you are considering your CBD oil buy, take a look at what each tincture has to offer. Some include ingredients that are meant to help you sleep, feel more relaxed, and more.

Which one is better?

Both CBD oil and CBD tinctures have unique benefits to offer those who take them. Each of these products will give you the same benefits that come with taking CBD: generally, reduced stress and inflammation, and improved mood. Which one you choose will mainly come down to personal preferences.

CBD oil is great for anyone who is looking for a more neutral taste and smell, depending on the added essential oils some CBD oil contains. Typically, though, CBD oil is tasteless and very mildly smelling.

CBD tinctures do have a bitter smell and taste that is reminiscent of the alcohol included. However, it is a great choice for anyone who has difficulty stomaching oil. It’s much lighter and does not react with the stomach the same way an oil might.

Ultimately, your CBD oil buy will depend on your own personal preferences. Either have a range of products available that you can choose from which offer various benefits, including added vitamins or other ingredients that will enhance your overall experience. Be sure to do your research before taking a specific product to confirm its ingredients.

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