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Buyer Tips When Examining New Housing Developments In Sydney

By Paul Woods
In January 22, 2021
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Without a history to speak of, new housing developments in Sydney offer an incredible opportunity for buyers to make their mark. These designs are attractive propositions for homeowners because property in this city at this time is an incredible commodity. Values and prices are at a premium, paving the way for clients to ensure their long-term future.

With so much potential to be enjoyed, it pays for men and women to do their homework with these locations. Especially when it comes to raising a family and experiencing a high quality of life, there is nothing to be lost from studying the small details and running the eye over every features big and small.

Here is our official guide for buyer tips for new housing developments in Sydney locations.


The Right Sydney Location

In a region of over 5 million people and counting, it is important to stress that not all new housing developments in Sydney will be considered the same level of investment. Some areas are already at their peak price point across the CBD while others around the Inner West and Northern Beaches are experiencing a boom in the community interest. Families need to consider the proximity to amenities like pubic transport, schools, shopping centres, beaches and sports fields. Then there will be parking provisions, café spots and finding space to just relax.


An Apartment Design That Works

To be considered an attractive proposition, new housing developments in Sydney have to fit a certain type of profile. This is a market that opens up an entire world of options for participants. There will be the low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise developments. Then there will be lofts, the duplex, the triplex, the garden apartment, the studio apartment, the micro-apartment, the co-op and the walk-up. Take note of these options and assess what they bring to the table.

A Suitable Financial Package

The capacity to finance a purchase for new housing developments in Sydney will go a long way to determining what is viable and what is off the table. Homeowners will have to speak with their bank and financial institutions to see what works well for them. It will include a series of loans, mortgages, credit programs or cash purchases. Settle on a scheme that is workable without placing too much of a monetary burden on the family.

Renovation & Upgrading Potential

It is very easy to look at new housing developments in Sydney and expect them to be on the cutting edge forever. They are brand new off the production line, look fresh and appealing in 2021. But what value will they provide in 2035 or 2040? This is where community members will consider the potential for renovation and upgrades, opening up more space and optimising key domestic features that increase their investment.

Working With Top Realtors & Conveyance Specialists

A great strategy that local clients can use when buying new housing developments in Sydney is to work with expert conveyance specialists and realtors who know the industry inside and out. They will be able to guide participants through the process, passing on their reports and analysis for projected valuations, for council regulations, for development prospects and other components that will inform the purchase. There is no need to undertake this activity alone when there are experienced professionals who inform constituents about the information they need to make an educated decision on their apartment ownership.


Families who want to make the right call with new housing developments in Sydney have to get the balance right between a patient approach and being ready to jump on an opportunity when it presents itself. Staying in contact with realtors and conveyance operators is a great way to stay updated on these listings, ensuring that an ideal purchase comes onto the market at the right time and for the right price.


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