By Paul Woods
In December 3, 2021
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Bongs are also called binger, bubbler, or billy. They are water pipes people employ to smoke cannabis. They have been in existence for a while, and they come in different sizes and shapes. Some bongs are basic, with just a chamber and a bowl. Some are colorful with a great deal of artwork on the exterior.

Whether fanciful or otherwise, all bongs perform a similar function – they filter and reduce the smoke that may emanate from burning weed. They always feature a bowl that can hold the cannabis that is burnt. As you inhale, there are bubbles formed at the end of the water in the bong.

The smoke passes through the water to the chamber. It then goes to the mouth and lungs.

Are bongs a safer way to smoke?

There has not been definitive research as to whether the use of bongs is safer for the human body. Well, bongs always give a smoother feeling, but you are still smoking. A reasonable amount is filtered, but the internal body organs are still exposed like smoking via a rolled paper.

Also, bongs can be more pleasurable as some are designed to have different flavors. The flavors make it sweet, creamy, and cooler, unlike the relatively harsher approach of smoking by wrapping in paper. The water in the bong moisturizes the joint by removing dry heat.

Considering that there is still a lot of unhealthy stuff that may still get into the body despite using bongs, some professionals say that there is not much difference. However, there is still a need for further investigation/study in this area. Since the use of cannabis is becoming legal in some areas, medical researchers might put in more effort to determine the level of safety bongs offer.

Some individuals who smoke using paper believe that a bong can be filthier than a toilet seat. The source is not known, but you can decide to examine such a claim.


There have been reported cases of people who shared bongs and suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis. Another well-known medical condition was the man who inhaled contaminated aerosol water and suffered lung tissue death.

Hence, whether you share your bong or not, there are risks that come with the use of bongs to smoke marijuana. These risks threaten the lung and other critical organs in the body. There are other ways to get cannabis into the body.

If you need to use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, medical practitioners have suggested the use of other means to get the cannabis into the body. People use CBD capsules, sprays, oils, and even some edibles like gummies.

In Conclusion

Is the use of bongs unsafe? We don’t have a conclusive answer, but as we mentioned, bongs provide a cool and refreshing feeling with every hit and give room for flavoring and better taste, but you still inhale some rather unhealthy stuff. You can explore other options mentioned above to enjoy the healthy benefits of cannabis.

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