We offer a full range of services, from a simple repair of your desktop , LAPTOP computers, to upgrading your computers and servers, all the way to custom built PC’s & Servers. NetWork repairs and troubleshooting most major brands.

Tech X Review is a division of Atomic Group of Companies (a leader in high end technology consulting). It is one of the very few companies providing professional tech support services to individual, home, and corporate users with detailed AMC / Support packages. We are also the pioneers in creating a state of the art and highly competitive computer repair services at great value prices. We provide home and office computer repair services in the cities where our offices are based, specifically Texas.

Our Mission

We come for you! Gone are the days of having your computer / Computer to pack and repair it to carry with you. These days, we come to you and the computer is right in your home or office, so you can see it by working in your own place. You will never find your computer back in a shop only to find that it's the same problem again! If you are worried about the cost, please feel free to discuss with us by phone. We can develop an IT solution according to your specific needs and believe that you are the moon will end up getting your invoice.