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7 Standout Features of a Baby Pram for Sale

By Paul Woods
In October 16, 2020
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What do mums and dads look for when they identify a baby pram for sale? These valuables are important investments because it allows the baby to get some fresh air and for the parents to enjoy some outdoor time with their children.

That freedom of movement is paramount, but it is important not to buy any old design just because it has a “sale” sign listed on the tag. This is a purchase that requires some extra diligence and assessment, ensuring that the product is up to speed and will last the distance without shortchanging the customer on any of the essentials.

We will discuss 7 standout features that should be in play when seeking these prams.

1) The Right Size Profile

A baby pram for sale is an item commonly geared towards newborns and very young children. This is where shoppers need to consider what is size appropriate and what will deliver the best value for money depending on their expected growth trajectory. If there is less than 6-9 months of value that can be achieved from the purchase, perhaps a larger stroller design would be more suitable.

2) Easy to Maneuver

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One of the best activities that parents can do when looking at a baby pram for sale is to take the item out for a spin. Perhaps it is not possible and it won’t be able to venture out of the store itself, but getting a good look and feel for the brand is highly recommended. There are three and four-wheel designs and the reality is that there is no right or wrong answer in this domain – it comes down to the parent and what they deem as a good fit.

3) Easy to Pack & Fold

The compact self-folding models have become the more popular choice with baby prams on the market. Especially for those who are jumping in and out of their vehicle and want to be able to execute this task quickly and efficiently, the packing component is easy to undervalue but important to focus on. A simple packing and folding procedure will make life easy for mum and dad.

4) Space for Extra Storage

Mums and dads who are out for a stroll want to know that they can access a baby pram for sale that includes the storage space they require. Just for the child alone, there will need to be room for milk and water bottles, nappies, extra clothing attire and other items for contingencies. This is before the adults consider using that space to hold their phones, wallets, keys and other valuables as they walk across parks and gardens at their leisure.

5) Security Assured

If there is any piece of criteria that should count for extra when examining a baby pram for sale, it is the security measures that are implemented. This is where the straps, a front bar, a five-point harness and steady brakes will be highlighted for consumers who want to have a user-friendly pram that always considers the child’s wellbeing first. Some of the extra provisions might not be necessary, but these core requirements will give mums and dads peace of mind.

6) Weather Protection

The intrusion of too much sunlight, high winds and rain are not what parents want when they are looking at a baby pram for sale. A sunshade, rain cover or canopy outlet will ensure that this matter is taken care of for shoppers, empowering them to withstand the elements if the weather happens to take a sudden turn for the worse when out and about on a walk.

7) Budget Appropriate

The reality is that the baby pram for sale market can vary wildly from the cheap secondhand $100 brands all the way up to the $2,500 mark plus. By establishing a budget for this project ahead of time, it will be easy to gauge what is accessible and what is considered too dear.

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